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coconut trees for Koh Larn

Introduction to Koh Larn

This is my introduction to Koh Larn, sometimes also called Coral Island and other times called Ko Lan, almost everyone calls it Koh Larn. Find out here what all the talk is about. This wonderful island off the Pattaya coast . Koh Larn is waiting just for you. more

beaches of koh larn

The Beaches of Koh Larn

There are six main Beaches on Koh Larn, all have white sand and azure clear waters. Each beach has a personality of its own. My, "Beaches of Koh Larn" page can help you find just that right beach haven for you to enjoy. more

getting transportation to koh larn

Transportation to Koh Larn

Wether you take a fast track speed boat or decide on the slower more relaxed ferry boat. I have the information you need, right here for you. Getting to Koh Larn is cheap and easy and I have some money saving tips just for you. more

getting transportation on koh larn

Transportation around the island

Koh Larn is not so large that you couldn't walk from one part to another and some people actually do sometimes. Personally I like motorized transportation. song taows, motorbike taxis and motorbike rentals are everywhere and they are all reasonably priced. more

things to do on koh larn

Activities, and things to do

If lounging all day under an umbrella, sipping your favorite beverage, while watching U-Tube on your I-pad appeals to you then great. It. appeals to me too, but sometimes I want to do something else, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy here on Koh Larn. more

resorts and places to stay on Koh Larn

Resorts, and places to stay overnight

The number of resorts on Koh Larn has exploded and now there many more options, when choosing a place to stay on Koh Larn. From economy to luxury resorts, I have compiled a list of of resorts all here in one place. more

My thailand photos by Russ Thorne

Koh Larn Photo Gallery

I love to take pictures. From the year 2002 I have taken thousands and thousands of photos of Koh Larn. I have selected some of my better images to place exclusevly here on the Koh Larn web site. more

fishing boat koh larn
Photos by Russ Thorne


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