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koh larn ferry boat scheduel
Koh Larn Ferry boat scheduel
Pattaya to Naban
Naban to Pattaya
Pattaya to Twaen Beach
Twaen Beach to Pattaya
06:30   /   6:30AM
07:00   /    7:00AM
07:30   /     7:30AM
08:00   /    8:00AM
09:00    /    9:00AM
09:30   /    9:30AM
10:00   /   10:00AM
11:00   /   11:00AM
12:00   /   12:00PM
13:00   /   1:00PM
14:00   /   2:00PM
15:00   /   3:00PM
15:30   /   3:30PM
1600   /   4:00PM
16:30   /   4:30PM
17:00   /   5:00PM
18:00   /   6:00PM
18:30   /   6:30PM


Some helpful hints
  • Fare for the boat is 30baht per person each way. You pay at the boat before boarding.
  • Catch the ferry going out to the island at the pier south of Walking street in Pattaya Beach.
  • The best place to wait to go back is at the food court, they will make sure you won't miss the boat. At the food court you can relax and have some refreshments.


koh larn ferry boat
Ferry boat with passengers at, Koh Larn pier, returning to Pattaya.



koh larn sun set ferry boat
food court koh larn
The last boat to Pattaya six o'clock. This photo taken during monsoon, this part of the year can produce some really spectacular sun sets.

The new food court at the end of the pier, completed in mid 2003. The photo to the left was taken while sitting in the food court. At the food court you can have good food and refreshments while looking across the water at the city.

This just happens to be my favorite place to have lunch, almost every day.

Pattaya city from Koh Larn
Looking across the water to the mainland. Another photo shot during monsoon.

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