Jet Ski Rentals on Koh Larn

Jet Ski rentals on Koh Larn, Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Jet Ski Rentals on Koh Larn

Little boat, maybe, just get on one of these little boats for a half hour and you won't say little boat again. These are very sophisticated water craft and I would rather term them more like a crouch rocket on water. These rockets have guts and have more power than you would think, so I discovered. When you get out on open water and put the pedal to the metal you will be surprised at how fast these things will move. It takes a few minutes to get used to the steering so you should go easy at first. Two things to remember, the first is there are no brakes so plan ahead. The other is you have to keep in mind these only steer under power, no power you can steer all you want but the boat is going to go on it's last coarse. When renting one of these you will be required to sign a contract for responsibility. The contract is pretty cut and dry basically it says if you sink it you just bought a water logged jet ski. I haven't heard of any major problems yet but you should still use good judgment when riding one of these. Jet ski is a great way to explore the island. You can circle the entire island in about a half hour on one of these. Have fun.


Jet Ski rentals on Koh Larn, Pattaya Beach, Thailand. Careful of the scams.
Jet Ski on Koh Larn is fun

Jet Ski Rentals on koh larn

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In recent times there has been talk of unscrupulous Jet Ski operators scamming tourist in Pattaya. The scam consist of the tourist renting a jet ski, apon return of the jet ski the operator will claim the tourist has damaged the Jet Ski and will demand money for repairs. What the tourist dosen,t know is that the damage was there all along. All though I personally haven't heard of any such incidents happening on Koh Larn I think it could happen. Before you rent any vehicle in Thailand It would be a good idea to take some snap shots. It only takes a few moments and it could save you alot of money.

Jet Ski scams on Koh Larn

Jet Ski Scams

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